Plots Repository

Navigate these pages by using the menu to the left. The default for each topic is a comparison of a small number of models to available data, but look for links at the top of each page for comparisons with more tunes/generators. Scroll down each page to see plots at other collider energies. To choose specific generator version(s), use the Generator Versions link in the "Analysis filter" menu (the default is to just display the most recent ones).
More plots will be added, as new tunes become available, and as the available data increases.

On each page, selected by clicking in the menu on the left, you will see a number of plots at different collider energies, comparing a set of default generators/tunes to each other and to the data (if there is any). If data for several different fiducial cuts are available at the same energy, these will be arranged horizontally. At the top of the page, you can select other generator/tune groups. The default ("Main") is a comparison of the main generators. Each additional tab then gives access to illustrations of more specialized tunes/variations for each generator.

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